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Never mind that at that point in the story she was a bloody pulp and couldn’t talk if she wasn’t cursed.

God, I’m in tears! These are great!


Never mind that at that point in the story she was a bloody pulp and couldn’t talk if she wasn’t cursed.

God, I’m in tears! These are great!

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I don’t know what version of Caelum Sky /you’re/ reading.

*silently edits all Michael parts to look like buff Mr Clean*

These are amazing, oh my god. 


I don’t know what version of Caelum Sky /you’re/ reading.

*silently edits all Michael parts to look like buff Mr Clean*

These are amazing, oh my god. 

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Analytics #4! Lets get Reddy.

Update #4! We’re currently at 114% with 7 days to go!

I can confirm that getting out there and twerkin’ it overtime is literally the best way to do things. I did a few new things this week- I advertised on reddit, and I did an AMA. If you’re looking into doing a kickstarter, or crowdfunding in general, you’ll find blog after blog of folks going “REDDIT IS YOUR GODSEND”  Is it the best thing in the world for advertising?

Well. No. Well yes…but…not really.  I wish I’d taken the sort of useless advertising (aka, I put 100 bucks in, I got 5 bucks out) and funneled it into advertising specific subreddits instead.  The best result I got was advertising on Books, where I actually spent the least on. Reddit’s interesting in that you pay for “impressions”  (Sort of a hollow term for ‘it appeared, good enough, pay for it’) instead of clicks. So I essentially took the generics of this project (Book, Picture…Thing) and applied to those subreddits (Books, Pics, …front page) 

Books, which I spent 16 dollars on, got me  22,000 impressions, and 31 clicks.  From that, I think I had 3-4 buyers, amounting to about 80 return, which considering the 100 for 5 mentioned above, it’s not bad.  Pics got me a goose egg, and the front page might’ve roped in about 10 dollars, despite that it had the most clicks, at 116. (which I also spent 50 dollars on) . 

I also did an AMA! Which that was fun, and I stayed up till ungodly o-clock answering stuff on a weekday, but I think it got about 5 or 15 dollars from it- and these were all from people going “Oh, why don’t you paint something you wrote?” and my response was “OH, something like this? *inauspicious kickstarter link* ” I think at the end I sorta realized that it too was a bit of a toss up, but I did have fun talking with people about becoming an artist and starting from scratch in college. 

For the most part, what’s been working for me is submitting an image, making it obvious that the picture relates to a kickstarter,  and having a kickstarter link on there. I’ll post a picture of the kickstarter graph at the end, but each time i’d done this, got me about another 1K.   I think reddit can be good for you if you can sorta…slide your kickstarter link into a popular forum- aka, if you’re doing a video game, posting a link in R/gaming is your best bet.  Books is set up that you’re not supposed to spam links, and the one where you can is a bit of a ghost town. 

Let’s have some statistics!

8,029/ 7K - 114%! 

Pledged Via Kickstarter: 799 - 10%

Pledged externally: 7,230 - 90%

Average Pledge: 42.04


FA: 67 pledges - 3,457 

Direct Traffic: 28 pledges - 930

DA: 22 Pledges - 752

Facebook: 15 Pledges - 661

Kickstarter Factions: 32 pledges: 799

Tumblr: 9 pledges - 160

Reddit: 5 pledges - 780 (700 of this was from someone not on reddit, so I’m not sure how this claimed it) 

Twitter: 4 Pledges 210

Google.com: 3 pledges - $60

everything below hasn’t changed since the last update.  So there we go! I’ve got another image ready for the big push at the end, but I’m excited to see where this ends off! I took some time today to organized my backers by category in a organizational book. Thanks so much for everyone’s support!

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Well this is a story all about how…

I generally don’t post many biographical things, as I tend to like to keep focus on the work I do, the end result. But people have been asking, and some saying that when you don’t have at least a little more about yourself, it can come off as odd.  So this’ll be something of a brief history of where this story comes from, and where my background comes in as the creator of this story. 

So my name is Andrea Radeck- I’m 27. I live in Virginia, and I was born and lived the majority of my life in a suburb of Chicago. I am the first woman in my family to go to college on both sides. My father mills magnets for a living, and my mothers is an administrative assistant.  I have one brother, Allen, who is 3 years my elder.  My family has lived in Chicago for 8+ generations. I’m the first to move away from that, and about half the characters in this book are named after friends/ family members. (Amber was a good friend of mine in college, Katherine is my brother’s wife, and Dave is my uncle. Christopher is actually the name of the last guy that I dated, where things ended pretty badly. The name was chosen based on popularity records from that area in that time period, and a sort of “I’m not gonna let this name hold fear over me” way). My last name translates to “Radish Eater” which is where my other blog comes from. I don’t like radishes. 

I used to be extremely light and small as a kid- so to counteract being carried around like a doll, I took up swearing by 4th grade. I earned a reputation as a very angry, short girl, which is what I wanted to use for Neri. (originally it was loads worse and pretty overdone. First version of this book had it that she was like…crazy…99% of the time) I eventually grew 10 inches in a year and continued to curse like sailor. 

Growing up, two of the biggest people in my life were my grandparents. They had this fantastic relationship where they’d make fun of each other, and ridicule every little thing sometimes, but they loved each other at such a profound scale.  I thought that was amazing. My grandfather used to have these crazy bushy eyebrows that were like caterpillars. (I’m lucky enough to inherent them- I love my parents, but neither a brow between the two of them)  He was extremely hard working, and unfortunately when he died in 1996, left an enormous hole in not only my life, but the rest of our family.  This book is a sort of a love-letter to my grandparents relationship, and his death kicked off an interest in what happens to people after everything.

I’ve always written things. I chose books any time we had a project, I’ve got two of the ones I “wrote” while in elementary school “Kitty”: http://imgur.com/a/jd2Z4 which shows how little I actually knew about reproduction/ sex because I assumed things sleeping on each other got them pregnant  and  “My trip to the hospital” in which I paint a graphic retelling of me getting mauled by a dog when I was 8-except the pictures look like a dog’s emitting sausages out of its face. 

I also wrote a short story called “The Babysitter” (Or something shitty like that) when I was in 8th grade, where some babysitter was protecting kids from a murderer- except I had a bad habit killing characters off, so I think all the kids got murdered or something. A teacher found it and called my parents. 

When I was 15, I started writing this story called Heart-C, 703. It became this utterly massive…MASSIVE thing that I’ve barely managed to pack, double sided pages mind you, into a 4” binder.  I wrote it for 3 years consecutively. Every week i’d put out a  new chapter in this writing group I was a part of, and people would send back responses. It was the first real time I had an audiance, and first time i’d put something up online for people to read.  The internet has washed it away (probably for the best). Though for the last year writing it, I was thinking about a whole new project: 

If you go to the actual submission on dA, you can actually see a friend of mine suggest Raziel’s name: http://unibomber703.deviantart.com/art/Character-Palette-54034044

Fun fact, Raziel’s pike design says “703” in there, because I’m suave as hell about that kind of thing. Funnest fact: I’m not. 

I went to college originally as a biologist- I had no interest in doing art full time because my parents were practical folks, and they suggested more lucrative careers.  I used to stay up late and study biology texts- I got this giant biology book that from about age 12-18, I used to study and read it over. I was completely serious with doing that for a living until I interned at an emergency vet clinic.  I still have an interest in biology and animals, which eventually translated into knowing animal anatomy and picking it up quick.  

Dropping out of that, I majored in Creative writing and Art. The college I was attending didn’t have an illustration degree, which is what I wanted to do, so I transferred.  At the new college, my tenured counselor told me I wasn’t smart enough to do both, and told me I wasn’t allowed to have a minor in an unrelated field. (she’s long been fired, so no worries)

Caelum sky started in 2007. The first posted chapter went up in 2009.  I used to debate storylines and arcs while I was pushing grocery carts at my summer job in those two years.  I originally intended for it to be a sort of one- off, but the story kept changing and evolving as I wrote it out. I started writing the second book after a friend of mine committed suicide in 2011.  I wrote the middle, emotional parts first and got the majority of the book written in just a couple months and started posting it in January 2012. Finished writing the second book in very early 2013, and I’ve been editing since. 

So there you go. I think that’s literally every part related to this book, hah!