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I think i’m having an infatuation with Neri, from Caelum Sky. The story is so damn good, and demon Neri acting like the stubborn, strong willed dino-dog she is just adds to the reasons why i’m starting to love her character.

I’ll admit that the main reason why i like her so much is her…


Here, have a very old neri, and a very new neri :D

From probably around 2008 or so, then the doodle i’m using for this big sculpture Marquette i’m making / the most up to date version, haha.

She also went through a crazy super-buff phase for literally no reason: 

 She’s gotten more realistic looking/ shaped as I went along :D I’m super glad you like her and that you like the books!

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Awh hell yeaaaaah!  My pincentives came in for the Kickstarter rewards!  These little guys are awesome!


Awh hell yeaaaaah!  My pincentives came in for the Kickstarter rewards!  These little guys are awesome!

Extremely early WIP for one of our kickstarter supporters’ speedpaint, who wanted something from Chapter 34 of the second book. 

Extremely early WIP for one of our kickstarter supporters’ speedpaint, who wanted something from Chapter 34 of the second book. 

WIP illustration waltz

Anonymous asked:

Hey this is Deo. I just wanted to say all your drawings are amazing. ;w; Sorry about the quick asking last time, it was a very rushed scavenger hunt. (Which if you have the time next year you should join our team! It's a load of madness and fun). I wanted to say thank you (though I'm a bit late). What happened was sleep deprivation caught up to me and addled my brains a bit ha thank you.

Caelum Sky Answer:

Nah, please, i should apologize. Gen con prep/ trying to finish Caelum sky biz sorta swept me up and I wasn’t able to help you out. Count me in for next year, though :D


So! Some goods and bads of this past week.

Good: —— uh let’s start with bad.

Bad: My computer imploded. Not literally. The hard drive failed spectacularly, but I was able to upload my…everything to the cloud thanks to advanced SMART warnings. 

I didn’t lose anything, which is good- I just now got the rest of my files back from the old HDD, and I’ve been working my butt off to get the digital file out by the time i left for Gencon. Which I achieved that goal! Sorta. 

The illustrations are done, and the book’s assembled, and the digital file exists. But I’d rather put out something fantastic when it’s ready, rather than shove something out the door for some imaginary deadline. I’m having another person edit and thumb through it, nit-pick the hell out of this thing so that it shines.  We’re still on track for October for the physical books, my printer is working with me to make the print file perfect, and I found a local printer for prints and printing printables ker-print. Buttons are done, Sketches are mostly completed. The pins have been paid for, the ISBN numbers bought and assigned, and I’m about to pick up my Library of Congress number so we’re all categorized and set. 

Everything is pretty much done, save for ordering prints and the book. The digital file will come out next week, and the book and prints’ll be ordered at that time as well. I really wanted to give you guys the digital file today, people at work can attest to how much I was cursing and grumbling that I have to hold back. But when it does come out next week, it’ll be flippin’ fantastic.  Seriously excited. 

But for now, I’ve got Gencon to attend and unwind a bit while edits happen. I’m in dire need of some rest and relaxation. 

I'd really like to post another kickstarter update but how do you make a 'i did a thing but i dont' really have anything to show from a transaction without sounding like you're sitting on your hands doing nothing

Anonymous asked:

HEY HEY THIS IS DEO! I am doing a scavenger hunt and one of the items is this: "IMAGE of writer and story: Get a previously published Sci-Fi author to write an original story (140 words max) about Misha Collins, the Queen of England and an Elopus (Octopus with an elephant head)." Since you are the only published author I know could you write something stupid and short, and send me a pic of you holding it? It's all for charity. Email: olgrendel@gmail. com

Caelum Sky Answer:

Sure I can do that for ya - though I’m a bit…sorta…compromised ATM with a few deadlines, if I do this over the weekend, would that be cool? 

WIP of a center page illustration! I wanted to show a little bit of my frantic work ethic/ process.

1: I start out with a sketch. My main goals in sketch are to capture feeling and fluidity. These two things are usually the first to go when you start rendering. I tend to play around with compositions and do thumbnails until i get something I like. Generally something to show scene, explain itself to some extent, and still be fun/ interesting. I’ve seen people make beautiful, glorious sketches that are detailed and wonderful. I die doing that. I like being quick and getting my idea out before it craps up into something else.

2. I work on color scheme to help accompany feeling and motion. For this one, i looked at my other illustrations, which seem to be more subdued and realistic. So just for contrast, I’m going all teal and magenta to keep things interesting. This picture’s scheme was inspired by a foggy photo of a cherry blossom grove. You can snag inspiration anywhere. I’ve been inspired by couches before.

So I try and get a rough idea of my colors, how they can play with one another, how they’d work in the image. Making sure obnoxious colors don’t ruin too much focus from what’s going on, trying to pick colors that don’t buzz too much (are too contrasty next to each other, like ff000 red and 0006ff blue, you put those together, you will make people throw up)  until i have a generic idea of how I want things to look. Again, a lot of people will take a lot of time at this stage to make sure everything’s blocked correctly/ perfectly, correct anatomy they might’ve missed in their pristine sketches, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s my own folly to just hop into manhandling the image to show me what I want it to.

3: Man-handle the image to show what you want it to look like. I can picture a lot of what I want the image to do, and this is where I essentially start kicking things around, what works, what doesn’t. Don’t like the hand, makes it look like she’s gonna attack poor Raziel, so flip it around, make it a sort of horror reaction instead. Nothing is sacred. Don’t ever make something sacred in your images. If you can look at something objectively and say “Well I like this face, but it doesn’t fit on this picture”  and erase it, you’ll be so many steps ahead of everyone else, it’s not funny. You will make mistakes, you will fix those mistakes, and you’ll be better for it. 

This image above’s about an hour and some change in. We have our direction, we have our emotion, things are all generally recognizable, and there’ll be little fiddling done afterwards. So there ya go. 

caelum sky illustration wip process andrea radeck